A year ago I moved to Charleston, SC to start the Dietetic Internship Program at the Medical University of South Carolina. I’ve learned a lot since then, gained numerous experiences eating yummy food, and discovered a deep love for the relationship between food and culture that I was unaware I had.  It became the running joke throughout my internship that anyone with guest coming into town would consult me to make a restaurant tour of the city for them, which with my extensive knowledge, I was adept at doing.  Sadly, my time at this great city is coming to a close.  I am starting a new adventure in Columbus, GA.  Not the food mecca that Charleston is, which will be an amazing growing experience where I get to go in search of great places, rather than just taking a stroll down King Street. Additionally, my inspiration from seeing the intricacies of culture and food have given me a sense of curiosity and I am excited to start trying recipes from places different than what I grew up eating, and maybe some twists on classics that I grew up eating.  Call me crazy, call me inspired (I have been watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown for the past four days), as long as someone, even if its myself, thinks this is cool, I’m in.



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