I was lucky enough to notice Inadco’s post about it being their fourth anniversary on their Instagram page.  They were advertising a three course meal for $35.  So I rallied my friends and made a reservation for the night.  Upon arriving, I received a menu and the waitress explained how the night would work.  I could pick an appetizer or a pizza, a pasta or an entree, and a dessert.  I ordered the Mushroom Pizza,Gnocchi with Lump Crab, and Sweet Corn Panna Cotta.  The pizza was hot out of the over upon arrival.  It has been cooked in a stone oven, so it had the characteristic crunchy crust.  The garlic flavor was phenomenal and the mushrooms gave it an interesting flavor.  The gnocchi was handmade, soft, and almost creamy.  Loads of crab was mixed in with a rich creamy sauce.  The panna cotta reminded me of Mexican flan, without the caramel.  Instead of caramel, there were blueberries that had been put in a syrup and shortbread crumbles.  Over all, the meal was definitely worth the price.  For my next visit I will probably settle for one of the pizzas because it was easily the bast pizza I have had since moving here.




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