I had heard from many people that the Vendue was a cool place to go for both their food and their drinks.  What truly got my attention was the lobster roll.  I had not been able to find a place with a good lobster roll since I left D.C. last summer!  The restaurant does not take reservations, which makes me anxious about being able to get a table.  Thankfully, I arrived fairly soon after they opened and was seated before others started to come in.  The rooftop area is situated amongst other tall buildings preventing it from having the view of Pour Taproom and The Watch, but I was able to sit in such a way that I could look out at Waterfront Park.  I, of course, ordered the lobster roll with a side of fries and asked for a basil strawberry lemonade to drink.  The lobster roll was delectable. The meat was covered in a light dressing and had scallions throughout which provided a crunch to break up the texture.  The roll was fresh and had been slightly toasted.  Exactly what I was looking for in my lunch!




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