By far the prettiest view I have enjoyed in Charleston so far!  I counted ten, I repeat TEN steeples from my vantage point! A friend of mine recommended I try their fish tacos as my meal.  They were impressively good, none of the store-bought tortillas and stale, wilted cabbage that you get from your typical restaurant joint.  The tortillas were fresh, the fish was still warm and in big chunks.  The cabbage was crisp and tossed in a creamy dressing with some red bell peppers that gave it a sweet and spicy crunch.  I asked for sweet potato fries as my side.  They were great! Crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside.  The fries had just enough salt that they paired well with the ketchup, creating a salty-sweet melody. I also had a drink that I can’t remember the name of gin, grapefruit, and lavender were in it and I promise it was good.IMG_8147


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