Vegetable Benny, also known as my new favorite meal.  I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of this small cafe and the way it is a little off the beaten path from the hustle of King Street.  My benny was a fresh english muffin, not toasted.  At first I was unsure what I thought about the soft english muffin because I was so used to having my eggs Benedict assembled on what could only be described as flour-made hockey pucks. There was a hearty smear of goat cheese that provided a good deal of flavor to the dish, topped with steamed spinach, a fairly raw, but small enough to be tender, mushroom cap, a perfectly poached egg, and delicious herby Hollandaise sauce.  The grits were not actually vegetarian, but thankfully neither am I.  They had a large amount of flavor from chicken broth.  I find it interesting that restaurants here do not use cream cheese in their grits.  That was extremely common in Mississippi restaurants to give the grits a good mouth-feel and a smooth texture.  The mimosas were what we call “Oxford style” in Mississippi.  They consisted of a bottle of champagne with just enough orange juice to make them orange.  The orange juice was fresh and had a good amount of pulp. IMG_8137


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