Today I ventured to the infamous white duck taco truck, excited to see what imaginative tacos they were dreaming up in the bright blue building with a white duck painted on the side.  I was thrown off-balance when I saw that most of the tacos had a distinct not-mexican feel to them.  Most of the tacos seemed be Thai or Japanese.  Being all for trying new things, I ordered the Triple Salsa appetizer ($3.95) and the Bangkok Shrimp taco ($3.95).  I also got a margarita to drink because I  had been craving one for three days at this point.  The margarita was good, a little too sweet, but it satisfied my craving.  The salsa came out almost as soon as I took my seat.  Of the three salsas there was the traditional red, a creamy, and a salsa verde.  The red salsa was very fresh and just chunky enough to have a pleasing texture.  It had a bit of a sweet flavor to it that I eventually decided was smoked paprika.  The creamy salsa was my favorite by far!  I took the leftovers I had of it home with me for later.  Funnily enough, it reminded me of the creamy sauce that Taco Bell puts on their quesadillas.  The salsa verde was a new beast that I can’t say I’ve encountered before so I don’t think I could reliably say if it was good or bad.  I enjoyed it, but the salsa was extremely spicy.  A slightly fizzy, vinegar flavor could be felt on my tongue, almost like the sensation of pop-rocks, but spicy, not sweet.  The taco came out in a timely manner and was plated in an attractive way.  I could see the battered fried shrimp along the bottom, topped with a chili aioli and sesame glaze.  Marinated cucumbers provided a subtle crunch and a little greenery to the taco.  The flavor was extremely unusual to me.  Thai-cucumber-crunchy shrimp-corn tortillas was just not a combination I could get behind.  Granted, the quality and appearance of everything deserved five stars.  So, though I did not like the specific taco I got, I look forward to visiting again to try a new taco.  Towards the end of my meal, I positively wanted something sweet to send me off.  I got the Chocolate Pot de la Creme with Pistachio Crust and it was delicious!   The chocolate had the sweet spicy notes that come from traditional Mexican chocolate dishes.  Cinnamon, chili powder, and other spices combined to make a flavor I can best relate as Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.  It was topped with homemade whipped cream and the pistachio crust provided a crunch to the dish.


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