I could not emphasize enough how I came across this place completely by accident.  I was in search of a vaguely public, but not gross, restroom, and was considering venturing into a Hyatt on King Street.  As I walked up a waiter from pour approached me and suggested I visit the rooftop bar.  The “highest rooftop bar in all of Charleston” he boasted.  So, of course, I responded “Do they have a restroom?” and stepped in the elevator.  After I exited the elevator and made the manic dash to the restroom, I was witness to one of the coolest taproom layouts I had ever experienced.  Spouts lined the wall offering everything from red wine, to cocktails, to beer, all available to be poured by oneself.  I obviously looked overwhelmed and a friendly bartender approached me to explain the process.  Imagine a gas station, but for drinks.  The system at the time was not completely up and functioning, they had only been open two days, but she gave me a tutorial using her employee wristband.  Eventually a band will be issued to everyone upon entry, it will have your own personal code, you walk to the drink you want, touch the screen, show you wrist, choose a size, and pour yourself a drink.  I went for the beers.  They keep about 50 on draft with IPAs, Belgian, Light, and Sour.  The bartender let me sample her favorites from each category and I settled for a sour beer, Monks Cafe, by the brewery of the same name.  The beer had the perfect acidic balance without being overwhelming.  After pouring my beer, I went out to see the rooftop area, did my usual game of counting steeples (I could see six from this vantage point), and took some time to enjoy the city from a bird’s eye view.


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