The Obstinate Daugher

This weekend I ventured out to Sullivan’s Island looking for a new find outside of my normal downtown Charleston scene and I was far from disappointed.  I had vigilantly been watching the Obstinate Daughter’s Instagram posts since arriving in Charleston, and I finally  decided to set out and try it!  I ordered their Shrimp Roll with Geechie Fries!  Totally a new experience. For those who do not know, Geechie fries are fried grits! They were super rich and I honestly wasn’t even able to finish all four that were served to me.  The only con is they soak up more grease than your typical fry, or at least you notice it more. The roll for the shrimp was soft on the inside, yet crisp on the outside, the dressing was flavorful, but not overly full of mayonnaise.  The celery leaves provided a nice texture difference from the rest of the roll.  Not pictured is the fabulous gelato I got from their store below the restaurant.  In the words of the friend who accompanied me “this is the first time I’ve bought expensive ice cream and actually thought it was worth it.”

I recommend trying their Sea Salt and Olive Oil gelato if it is available, it tasted fabulous despite being an unusual flavor.

IMG_8642For more information check out their website at


Three Little Birds Cafe

This past weekend I decided to try Three Little Birds in the Avondale area right outside of Charleston!  I love this breakfast/brunch places, it has creative decorations and a really cool laid back vibe.  They have local artists’ work for sale in all corners of the restaurant in addition to patrons’ drawings from their brown paper table coverings.  Each coffee mug is different, adding to the charm of the small restaurant.  I decided to venture from my normal veggie-heavy ways and try their smoked salmon goat cheese omelet with home fries. The proportion of egg to filling was better than I anticipated and I never encountered a bit that didn’t have some of each ingredient in it.  The cheese tasted fresh and light, the salmon, though slightly more salty than smoky was a great pairing.  The spices used on the potatoes provide lots of flavor and a little spice, perfect to set off the flavors of the omelet.IMG_8634For more information check out their website at

Charleston Restaurant Week at Indaco

I enjoyed a three course meal for $35 on their warm sealed-in porch! I started off the meal with fresh buratta cheese, topped with pistachios, served with a veggie slaw with olives, and lavash.  My next course was mezzaluna pasta with duck confit, pickled apples, hazelnuts, and mushrooms.  My final course was hazelnut gelati. All dishes were served quickly and were fresh! The burratta was fabulous and adventurous.  The pickled apples provided a crisp bite to what would have been a heavy dish, and the gelati was smooth and creamy.  All were in serving sizes that, thankfully, allowed me to eat every bite!

For further information check out their website at

Gnome Cafe

Just another day venturing into Charleston’s vegetarian/vegan food scene! Today I decided to try lunch at Gnome Cafe!  I ordered their pad thai salad which was made with spiralized vegetables, peppers, almonds, broccoli and other crunchy toppings, half an avocado, and an impressive vegan coconut lime almond dressing that absolutely made the entire salad.


For further info check out their website at

Spoke and Bird

On a brief trip to Chicago I found this nice restaurant right around the corner from my hotel!  They offered speedy coffee in the morning and a nice sit down breakfast when I had time!  Below is their egg sandwich which had asiago cheese, ham (which as a southerner, I would call it bacon), egg, and aioli.  The potatoes are worth raving about!  They were crunchy and had an interesting flavor profile! The restaurant also made their own ketchup!